March 28, 2024

1.52 million USD availed for healthcare security! TrustGro and mTek collaborate to empower Kenyans!

Kenyans have today gotten an avenue for ease of access to quality healthcare through a health insurance solution that matches their...

Kenyans have today gotten an avenue for ease of access to quality healthcare through a health insurance solution that matches their financial capabilities. A flexible monthly premium payment plan has now been availed to facilitate financing for health insurance products which can be chosen from 30+ Kenyan underwriters.

This has been made possible through a collaboration between mTek, a digital insurance platform and Finclusion’s TrustGro, a microfinance company. The initiative secured funding of $1.52 million (KES 170 million) which grants Kenyan citizens access to health insurance without feeling overburdened by the one-off cost of the insurance premium.

During the signing of the partnership mTek CEO Bente Krogmann noted that many Kenyans are forced to spend their income on unexpected healthcare needs.

“mTek believes in the mandate to support Kenyans to gain financial independence. We need to put a stop to the fact that most Kenyans foot their medical bills with cash. This is costly and creates cash-flow uncertainty. The solution will allow Kenyans to spare a foreseeable amount every month for their medical needs without carrying the burden of the premium payment all at once while still being protected from day one.”

By collaborating to provide Kenyans with affordable insurance premium financing, TrustGro CEO Tonderai Mutesva said that the MFI will be able to deliver on its promise.

“Knowing that you are protected against anything unforeseen gives you a strong sense of security. That’s why everyone should be able to afford basic health insurance or any other type of insurance to protect their assets. This is in keeping with our mission as TrustGro which is to help enhance the quality of life of our customers through simple, convenient and appropriate financial services” Tonderai Mutesva said.

The majority of Kenyan households have generally shied away from taking up healthcare insurance owing to the prohibitive high one-off cost. They can now gain access to quality healthcare services through the flexible monthly premium payment plan which can be as low as KES 1,000 monthly.


About mTek

Insurance is not exactly the most exciting topic to talk about. This is partly because of the arduous rigmarole that clients are put through when applying for insurance and submitting claims. Misaligned objectives, frustrating processes and unclear pricing are three major pain points for customers of the insurance industry. mTek is proving that this can be done differently, by providing a transparent and easy to use digital solution which is allowing clients to handle all their insurance needs from the convenience of their smart device. By cooperating with more than 30 underwriters and covering the whole general insurance scope, mTek provides a comprehensive offering that is unmatched by other insuretech players within the Kenyan market.

About TrustGro

TrustGro, a part of the Finclusion group, is a non-deposit taking microfinance company incorporated in Kenya. TrustGro provides government payroll loans, private company payroll loans, vehicle logbook loans and salary advance loans. The company has 7 branches and 19 satellite offices with a presence in 26 counties.

About Finclusion:

Finclusion Group is enhancing financial inclusion in Africa by building transformative financial technology services focused on high-growth market segments while providing world-class customer experiences. Our businesses leverage our credit, risk and technology expertise to grant financial services safely and easily using advanced, proprietary AI algorithms. Our current key focus areas are financial wellness, credit scoring and direct lending, operating through the brands Fractal Labs, SmartAdvance, NiftyCredit, NiftyCover, TrustGro and NiftyPay in South Africa, Eswatini, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania.
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